Snail Calcium Supplement 50 Tablets


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50 Oyster Shell Calcium Tablets For Shrimp And Snails (500mg)



Looking for a way to give your snails and shrimp a boost of calcium? Look no further than our 100% safe and pure oyster shell calcium supplement! Just add a tablet or two to your aquarium tank and watch as your creatures grow bigger and healthier than ever before. Our calcium tablets are easy to dissolve and free of any harmful chemicals, so you can feel good knowing that your pets are getting the best possible care. Give your snails and shrimp the gift of good health today with our oyster shell calcium supplement!


This product is a must have for anyone who wants their tank full of healthy snails and shrimp. You will notice fast-dissolving particles so there's never any hassle trying to get them into water too small holes allow just enough space between each tablet so they don't stick together when you drop one tablet inside (or add more!).


- Pure oyster shell calcium

- A must have for raising healthy snail and shrimp

- No vitamin D (do not add vitamin tablet with vitamin D to aquarium tank)

- 100% safe for aquarium use

- No lead, dye or harmful chemicals

- A must have for raising healthy snail and shrimp

- Dissolves fast


Recommend amount and guide:

- 1 pill is enough for 10 small snails/shrimps or small fishes for a month or two. If you only feed them vegetable, I would recommend adding more calcium pill.

- Put them in a petri dish or anything similar if you don’t want it over your aquarium substrate. It’s also an easier way to know when you should add another calcium tablet. Fish, shrimp and snails will consume the calcium when they want more calcium.

- For turtles, it's best crush the powder and coat it in your turtle food.