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At PetFishPlants.com, we're excited to offer the innovative Söchting Oxydator, a game-changer for maintaining optimal oxygen levels in your aquarium. This advanced device cleverly breaks down hydrogen peroxide into pure oxygen and water (2 H2O2 → 2 H2O + O2) using a specialized catalyst. What does this mean for your aquatic haven? Continuous, steady oxygen supply!

Advanced Oxygenation Technology: The Söchting Oxydator MINI/D utilizes cutting-edge technology to produce both normal and activated oxygen in your aquarium. This is achieved through a specialized Oxydator solution and unique ceramic catalysts. The activated oxygen effectively breaks down organic waste and toxins, significantly enhancing the well-being of your fish and plants. Plus, the oxygen released dissolves almost instantly into the water, creating an environment with minimal bubble disturbance.

Improving Water Quality: The Oxydator's remarkable oxidizing capacity not only improves water quality but also neutralizes harmful contaminants. It’s especially effective in combating algae during warm months. Long recognized for its benefits, hydrogen peroxide addition is a trusted solution for acute oxygen deficiency, water putrefaction, and turbidity.

Customizable Oxygen Release:

  • Oxydator Mini: Ideal for tanks up to 30 liters or 8 gallons, its oxygen output depends on water temperature, the number of catalyst stones, and solution concentration. At 25°C, it functions for 2-4 weeks with a 6% solution.
  • Visible Filling Level: Monitor the solution level easily through its transparent plastic cylinder.
  • Temperature Responsive: The device adjusts oxygen production based on water temperature, ensuring optimal oxygen levels at all times.

Inside the Mini Oxydator Package:

  • 1x Glass Bottle with Plastic Lid
  • 1x Ceramic Holster
  • 2x Catalyst Stones
  • 2x 82.5ml Bottles of 4.9% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Oxydator Solution
  • Instruction Manual

For Larger Tanks - Oxydator D:

  • Ideal for aquariums up to 100 liters or 26 gallons. Multiple units can be used for larger setups.
  • Package includes a glass bottle with a plastic lid, a ceramic holster, a catalyst, and an instruction manual.

What Sets the Söchting Oxydator Apart?

The Söchting Oxydator stands out for its continuous and higher dosing of hydrogen peroxide, efficiently converted into molecular oxygen and water. This process, patented worldwide, fundamentally improves water quality, preventing common aquatic issues. The special ceramic catalyst breaks down hydrogen peroxide into water and normal oxygen, while retaining vital CO2 for plant growth and neutralizing numerous toxins.

Enhanced Aquatic Environment

With Söchting Oxydators, expect a higher fish stock capacity and reduced need for water changes. The oxygen release adapts to the increasing demands of your living aquatic ecosystem, with a significant increase in oxygen generation corresponding to temperature rises.

Discover the transformative power of the Söchting Oxydator for your aquarium at PetFishPlants.com – where advanced technology meets aquatic care! 🐠💦🌿

  • Söchting Oxydator Mini: Perfect for smaller aquariums, it's designed for tanks up to 30 liters or approximately 8 gallons.
  • Söchting Oxydator D: Ideal for larger setups, this model efficiently services aquariums up to 100 liters or around 26.4 gallons.

Innovative Oxygenation Technology

The Söchting Oxydator, a groundbreaking device provided by PetFishPlants.com, uses a patented method to infuse your aquarium with both normal and activated oxygen. This process, facilitated by a unique Oxydator solution and special ceramic catalysts, effectively decomposes organic waste and neutralizes toxins. This results in a significant boost to the well-being of your fish and plants. The pure oxygen generated is almost entirely dissolved into the water, ensuring minimal bubble production and maintaining the natural aesthetic of your aquarium.

Quiet and Efficient Operation

The Söchting Oxydator operates noiselessly, without disturbing CO2 levels or disrupting the substrate. This makes it an ideal addition to any aquarium setup, ensuring a peaceful and stable environment for your aquatic life.

Continuous Oxygen Dispensation

The Oxydator's unique design allows for a slow, continuous release of oxygen into the water, countering the natural decrease caused by the metabolic activities of your aquatic life. By replenishing the oxygen consumed, it enhances the overall health of your aquarium's ecosystem. This includes providing crucial oxygen to aerobic bacteria, an essential component in maintaining water quality. Regular partial water changes remain necessary for optimal tank health, including the removal of nitrates.

Beneficial for All Aquatic Life

Every inhabitant of your aquarium, from fish and invertebrates to corals, plants, and aerobic bacteria, thrives with increased oxygen levels. The Oxydator works in harmony with other aquarium systems like media reactors and protein skimmers, making it a versatile addition to any setup.

Incorporate the Söchting Oxydator into your aquarium care regimen, available at PetFishPlants.com, and experience a healthier, more vibrant aquatic environment. 🌊🐟🌿

At PetFishPlants.com, we want to ensure you have the best experience with your Söchting Oxydator. Here's what you need to know:

  • Included Solution: The Söchting Oxydator Mini comes with its own solution, so it's ready to use right out of the box.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Needs: For larger Oxydators, 6% Hydrogen Peroxide is typically used. However, you have the flexibility to adjust the concentration based on your tank's size.
  • DIY Mixing Tip: We suggest getting 35% "food grade" hydrogen peroxide. It's cost-effective and can be easily diluted to around 6%. Don't worry about being exact – a close approximation works just fine.
  • A Note on Shipping: In our experience, hydrogen peroxide may degrade slightly during shipping, possibly due to pressure changes, leading to leakage. That's why mixing your own can be a more reliable and economical choice.


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