March 17, 2024

African Cichlid Tank Mates

African Cichlids are beautiful, vibrant fish that will add vibrant color and charm to your aquarium. Easy to care for, African cichlids can help bring life and character to your tank without being an additional burden. However, their aggressive tendencies may make keeping multiple tanks with these fish difficult; nonetheless it may still be possible with suitable tank conditions and compatible fish species.

African cichlids tend to be territorial fish that do not tolerate being overcrowded with tank mates easily, therefore usually only flourishing in an aquarium with their species of counterpart. With some effort and diligence it may be possible to successfully house African cichlids alongside other fish species; this article provides tips on selecting suitable tankmates for African cichlids.

Ideal tank mates for African cichlids should include species that thrive in water conditions similar to their aquatic environment in Africa. Furthermore, an ideal partner must withstand aggressive behaviour of your African cichlids while being capable of protecting itself if attacked by more ferocious fish species.

Peacock cichlids, hap cichlids, and electric blue hap cichlids are popular tank mate choices for African cichlids. In addition, dwarf cichlids may become aggressive so should only be kept in very large aquariums. Scavenger catfish make an excellent option as they prefer staying close to the bottom of an aquarium while staying out of reach from other fish that prefer swimming higher up in the water column.

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