March 31, 2024

African Cichlid Tank Mates

cichlid tank mates

African cichlids can be very aggressive fish, making them difficult to house with other types of fish. But with proper tank mates and setup, an African cichlid aquarium can become peaceful.

Scavenger Catfish make excellent tank mates for African Cichlids as they prefer hiding in caves or rocks and feeding on whatever debris collects at the bottom. Their large size prevents them from being in their way while at the same time they're too large to be eaten by cichlids!

Leopard Bush Fish make great tank mates for cichlids. Originally found in Africa, this large species will bring vivid color and variety to your aquarium. These non-aggressive species prefer rocky aquarium setups with plenty of hiding spaces as they like hiding places for themselves and are likely to avoid other fish that look similar.

Giant Danio fish should also be mentioned. These schooling fish from the minnow family can act as a "dither fish", reducing aggression between other cichlid species in a tank. Furthermore, they thrive in densely planted aquatic landscapes and avoid other fish that look similar.

Keep cichlid fish is an enjoyable experience, and finding suitable tank mates for them can bring great happiness. Take time when selecting their companions, as well as providing them with a habitat which meets all their needs for optimal development.

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