March 21, 2024

Betta and Shrimp

As with any tankmates, your betta and shrimp's relationship will depend on each fish's temperament and environment in which it lives. Under ideal conditions such as providing ample hiding spots and providing balanced diets for both species, betta and shrimp coexist without issues.

Cherry shrimp (Palaemonetes paludosus) are an ideal option for beginning aquarists because of their nearly transparent nature and natural camouflage that helps them blend in seamlessly with tank water, making it harder for your betta fish to detect them. Furthermore, cherry shrimps tend to be less costly than other shrimp species and highly compatible with betta fish species.

Bamboo shrimp (Atyopsis spinipes) are another excellent option, especially for beginning aquarists. Their wood-like design blends in well with natural settings of your tank, while their relatively large size won't attract your Bettafish and their scavenging nature can keep the tank clean by eating away at any discarded food, plant matter or detritus that comes into your environment.

These shrimps can be more difficult to feed your betta than usual as they must first be soaked for 20 minutes in water before feeding to them. As this may cause constipation in their digestive systems, only provide this meal once or twice weekly for your betta's wellbeing.

Amano shrimp (Palaemonetes gillatus) make excellent starter aquarium inhabitants because of their similarity to bamboo shrimp but larger size and peaceful disposition; these creatures won't disturb or compete for food with your betta tank inhabitants.

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