March 31, 2024

Buying an African Cichlid Tank

african cichlid fishes can make excellent pets for home aquariums, yet each species requires specific attention when setting up its tank setup. Hard water with specific pH levels is ideal as are hiding places in their tank as well as accessories to support breeding activities (fins are ideal). In addition, some mouth brooder species produce fertile eggs that must be protected until their fry become large enough to fend for themselves (which requires a substrate with lots of little crevices for them to hide in).

African Cichlids originate primarily from Lake Malawi; however, some species also hail from Tanganyika and Victoria. No matter where they originate from, however, all enjoy similar water parameters when kept captive. If you are thinking of adding African cichlids to your aquarium, be sure to discuss with us which species would make the ideal tankmates and behavioral traits of any potential purchases to ensure you have appropriate equipment and habitats available to ensure success!

As part of an aquarium setup, it is wise to choose a coarse natural substrate which will hold gravel securely in place and make cleaning simpler. Sand is ideal as peacocks love feeding on items found in sand; additionally, this will also trap food debris. Avoid driftwood as this can have adverse effects on pH and alkalinity levels of your tank.

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