February 18, 2024

Can Mollies and Guppies Live Together?

Mollies are omnivorous fish and will feed on both plant- and meat-based foods. Mollies can easily be kept captive since they enjoy a wide range of live and prepared food options; however, overfeeding could cause their bellies to expand too rapidly, which could have serious health ramifications.

Guppies and mollies both require similar conditions in an aquarium environment but vary significantly in terms of feeding habits and behaviors. While they can coexist peacefully together as long as their tank size, water conditions, and overcrowding is adequate - it would be preferable if an even larger aquarium were chosen to give both species enough room to swim around freely in their home environments.

Guppies tend to be peaceful fish that won't bother other tank mates. However, male guppies can become aggressive during breeding season due to instinctual drives to find and fertilize female guppies for reproduction purposes. A one-to-three male-female ratio should be ideal in an aquarium dedicated to guppy communities.

Guppies make excellent tankmates for neon tetras, cardinal tetras, swordtails, Endler's livebearers and siamese fighting fish - as well as dwarf gouramis! For an additional splash of color in your aquarium mollies and guppies can also be kept with neoncaridina shrimp in various colors such as cherry red rili blue dream yellow which provide essential food sources for these amazing aquatic friends!

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