March 8, 2024

Care and Feeding of the Neon Tetra

The neon tetra is one of the world's most beloved aquarium fishes, boasting immense popularity worldwide. A small freshwater species, it thrives well when kept as part of an aquarium environment and makes an excellent companion for other docile aquatic inhabitants such as gouramis, danios, or angelfish. Before you bring one home though, be sure to learn their care requirements.

Neon tetras are native to blackwater and clear water streams of South America's Orinoco and Amazon basins, where they live in shoals seeking safety from predators while working together for food sources such as algae, worms and insect larvae. Omnivorous in nature, they feed both on animal protein as well as plant matter like algae and insects larvae for sustenance.

These active fish should be housed in a 20-gallon tank. Since they enjoy roaming freely around their habitat, you must provide plenty of room for them. In addition, keep these fish away from fast-swimming species like goldfish and sunfish that could take advantage of their fearfulness by bullying them into submission or bullying them away altogether.

When breeding neon tetras, it's essential that their environment closely resembles their natural habitat. They should be fed sinking pellets designed specifically for tropical fish as well as commercial brands with natural color enhancers - these fish make great additions to either home aquariums or community tanks alike!

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