March 26, 2024

Do Betta Fish Like Light?

Do Betta Fish Like Light? While betta fish require light for survival, they don't tend to take an interest in it like humans do. Instead, their bodies use it to replicate natural day/night cycles, helping keep colors vibrant while simulating natural rhythms of day-night cycles more accurately.

Bettas are diurnal fish and must follow a set daytime-night cycle in order to provide their bodies with cues when it's time for feeding and activities, yet also allow enough rest time in order to conserve energy for when it comes time to awake again.

That is why it is vital that you limit the length of time your tank lights are on and choose one designed specifically for fish tanks in order to avoid overpowering your betta with too much lighting. Furthermore, look for one which doesn't heat the tank water as this could cause overheating which may prove unhealthy for them.

LED or fluorescent lights are usually an excellent choice for lighting up a betta's tank. Both varieties offer gentle illumination that doesn't heat up its water, creating soft lighting which highlights your betta's colors without overstimulating her or him. To further minimize any risk of overstimulation, be sure to set your tank light's timer so it only turns on occasionally throughout the day.

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