April 8, 2024

Do Betta Fish Need Light?

Yes, but the answer goes deeper. Like other animals, betta fish require light for healthy, vibrant colors and to regulate bodily functions; they also benefit from having an ambient day/night cycle to prevent stress and avoid unnecessary illumination of their tank environment. Excessive illumination could potentially alter water temperatures in your tank and encourage algae growth.

Lighting should emulate the soft glow of their native habitat to achieve the optimal condition for marine fish. Subdued lighting won't heat up the water and will help maintain a stable temperature. If LED aquarium lighting is your only option for providing enough dappled light, LED aquarium lights provide even illumination that won't alter water temperatures.

Bettas may not be able to see in the dark, but they still use an organ called their lateral line which has tubes running along its sides for navigation. This helps them sense movement, changes in water pressure and pressure changes as well as sense movement itself. In addition, their labyrinth-like organ can gulp air from above using its attached gills.

On any given day, male betta fish put on an elaborate display to attract females. This may involve spreading out their fins and flaring their gills as well as creating a mucus bubble nest. Males will fight each other to claim territory or females which may result in long drawn out battles that cause physical damage.

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