March 13, 2024

Endler Types

Endlers make excellent additions to home aquariums as they thrive at eating algae and plant matter, providing a colorful fish with the added bonus of helping keep your tank clean. While Endlers get along well with just about any peaceful community fish (tetras and danios excepted), they tend to do best when kept with species similar to themselves.

Endler guppy breeds are easy to rear, with females being able to store milt from past mating sessions for months in the absence of males. Furthermore, Endlers give birth to live fry every 23-24 days rather than producing eggs like many other breeds do.

There are various strains of Endlers available for sale today, with most bearing names from breeder Adrian Hernandez (AdrianHD). He created these strains based on Endlers collected by Armando Pou and Phillip Voisin and devised his own system of Endler classification called ECS that has caused much debate due to some people viewing it as his way of controlling the market.

One of the more beautiful Endler types is the flame tail endler, a colorful fish with a long slender body and colorful fins. It gets its name from their vibrantly hued top sword which may be straight or curved-shaped; furthermore, this strain features magical metallic shine as well as orange, red, black and green markings across their bodies.

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