April 15, 2024

Ghost Shrimp Are Good Companions

ghost shrimp

Ghost shrimp make an excellent addition to a home aquarium. As scavenger feeders, they spend most of their time searching the tank substrate for food particles lodged between plant leaves or roots or on the bottom surface - their small size makes them suitable for smaller community tanks with appropriate fish companions.

Ghost shrimp are easy to care for and have a lifespan of approximately one year, as they are hardy creatures capable of withstanding much stress. Since they shed their exoskeletons regularly, the tank must provide plenty of smooth decorations and crevices where ghost shrimp can safely hide from larger predatory fish species.

Ghost Shrimp Are Great Companions

Ghost shrimps make excellent companions. As opposed to many crustaceans, ghost shrimps do not exhibit territorial behavior or show aggression towards other aquatic life forms, making them suitable for keeping with peaceful community fish species such as Livebearers, Tetras, Rasboras and Danios. Cichlid species should also be kept alongside ghost shrimp but should never be combined with aggressive species like sharks or large predatory species.

Female birds that are ready to breed will display what's known as "berried," which looks like a cluster of green berries on the underside of their tails. She then releases pheromones that attract males who can fertilize her eggs.

For optimal ghost shrimp breeding, an additional tank should be purchased to house their eggs and spawn. While not required to be as large, this second tank should feature a sponge filter instead of power filters to avoid sucking up too many of your young shrimp and killing them off prematurely.

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