April 6, 2024

How Much Are Axolotls Really Worth?

Axolotls may make for adorable exotic pets, but that doesn't make them any cheaper to care for than other exotics. A symbol of Mexico City where they're celebrated cultural icons, yet in their natural habitats are endangered and threatened with extinction - though these unique creatures thrive when kept captive and require minimal care and maintenance.

At first glance, purchasing an axolotl may seem like the least costly part of owning one; however, this is only part of its costs. Once home, creating an environment suitable for your pet requires creating an ecosystem they'll feel safe in; this usually includes purchasing or creating a watertight tank with enough room for swimming (typically costing between $100-$300), along with substrate that can easily be brushed by its brush (such as aquarium sand), plants for hiding places, decorations such as rocks or fake plants without lighting costs as well.

Food costs could also be an added expense when it comes to caring for an axolotl. You have several choices of live and frozen shrimp, crayfish, fish and worms that should be safe to give to them; regular vet visits will depend on its size and care needs.

As with any aquarium setup, additional expenses will include purchasing accessories like thermometers, tank fans, and feeding tools. A basic aquarium thermometer costs roughly $10 while basic tank fans cost between $20-$40.

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