March 16, 2024

How to Remove Ammonia From Fish Tank

Ammonia can be extremely dangerous to fish and, if left unchecked, can kill them quickly. It is produced as part of natural biological processes including decomposition of uneaten fish food and waste in an aquarium's biofilter system, but when functioning normally its levels remain relatively low thanks to beneficial bacteria colonies converting the ammonia into other forms for safe conversion into biofilter substrate. If that cycle becomes disrupted however, ammonia levels will surge within your aquarium's environment.

There are multiple strategies you can employ in an emergency to remove ammonia from your fish tank quickly and effectively, while you investigate and address its source. One effective method is conducting a 40% to 50% water change which will dilute ammonia levels while providing your fish with fresh, clean water to breathe in.

Seachem Prime can help reduce ammonia levels in your tank by binding and changing it to ammonium, which is less toxic to fish. Be sure to read and heed its directions closely for optimal results.

Your other option is to decrease the number of fish in your aquarium. This will lower fish waste that's producing ammonia and nitrite; thus preventing an ammonia spike from happening altogether.

Maintain your aquarium by performing regular partial water changes and filter cleanings in order to reduce ammonia levels. By sticking to an active maintenance schedule, ammonia levels should remain lower while making any potential issues more easily manageable.

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