March 28, 2024

How to Treat Betta Popeye

betta popeye

Popeye is a common condition among betta fish, though usually curable. If left untreated it could even lead to eye rot which could eventually kill your fish; but with proper treatment in a matter of days your betta should recover. There can be various causes of popeye including internal diseases, injuries and infections; most cases however are due to bacteria growth which can be avoided with regular tank hygiene measures - don't overstock your aquarium; remove decorations with sharp edges from decorations; quarantine new additions before adding them; clean regularly as soon as possible so as bacteria don't multiply and prevent popeye from happening!

symptoms of betta popeye include swelling or bulging in one or both eyes, lethargy, submissive behavior and disinterest in eating or socializing with tankmates. It's essential to recognize these symptoms so your betta receives appropriate medical treatment.

First step to treating betta popeye is identifying its source. This could be bacteria, parasites or fungal in nature and affect either one eye (unilateral betta popeye) or both (bilateral betta popeye).

Once you have identified the cause of your betta's Popeye, treatment can begin. If only one eye is affected, try giving an Epsom salt bath with one tablespoon per gallon of water in which to immerse your betta for 10-15 minutes at a time for several days to help them heal faster.

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