April 10, 2024

How to Treat Tap Water For Betta Fish

Your Betta Fish Live in Water that Matters. In their natural home of slow-moving rivers in Asia, these beautiful finned fish thrive when conditions are clean and balanced. To recreate this environment in your aquarium, a water conditioner that removes chlorine while providing adequate minerals is key. Warmth may also help, as sudden temperature changes can stress out these delicate finned creatures. Finally, using a test kit, check for proper levels of nitrites, nitrates, and pH.

Most tap water is disinfected with chemicals like chlorine and chloramine to make it safe for humans to drink, but these same chemicals can damage or kill betta fish in high concentrations, and cause stress at lower concentrations. One easy way to make tap water safe for bettas is adding a dechlorinator which neutralizes harmful chemicals while making the water suitable for fish.

Your best bet for safe betta water may be to purchase bottled spring water that contains no chlorine and has the right balance of minerals and other substances that make it perfect for your fish, but this option may be costly and limited in availability.

Set up a weekly schedule whereby half of the water in your aquarium or bowl is swapped out and replaced with treated tap water, siphoning off old water using a gravel vacuum or special siphon (available from pet stores) so as to preserve any decorative rocks or decorations your betta has made her home in.

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