August 21, 2015

Aquariums Calm the mind and soul, Literally

Enjoy The Aquarium For What its Worth

Exploring an aquarium always leads to a positive experience. It's like playing dollhouse with the aquatic world at your fingertips. It's truly an ecosystem showcased for your discovery. Look closely to see what aquatic friends you can find, or enjoy the scenery as a whole. However you decide to enjoy the benefits of an aquarium, be sure to milk it for what it's worth, because even science shows the mental and even physical benefits of aquariums.


She found something!


Contemplate Instead of Concentrate

It seems as though the health benefits from aquariums are derived from the contemplating quality that fish have themselves. They are constantly contemplating their actions and movements, instead of concentrating. Concentrating alone is a societal misconception to success. Try to mimic the fish's mental ability to constantly contemplate with their environment. Your environment should be focused on the fish tank, now instead of concentrating like your brain automatically does, try to contemplate. Think openly. For example, concentrating would perhaps lead to counting the fish's scales or measuring the gill movements but instead you should try to probe around your observations. Let your mind wonder how the fish interacts with it's fellow fish or notice it's activity level compared to other types of fish in the aquarium. Does a certain fish have faster movements? Why might this be?


Flow of Life

In feng shui, moving water is considered beneficial in balancing chi, and a well maintained aquarium in the right location increases wealth and luck. Acoustic water flow makes the experience much more serene.


Waterfall Aquarium

After all, water is the basis of life, right?

Viewing your aquarium for long enough to let your mind wander from conscious thought is a form of hypnotic therapy. So just sit back and let the fish do the work!


Mann vs. Machine - The Sound of Medicine

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Justin A