February 13, 2024

Plants For Betta Fish

Addition of plants to a betta tank can be as straightforward or complex as desired. From dense jungle environments to more natural-looking designs, the ideal plants for betta fish include those that grow quickly with soft leaves that require no special care - some examples being Java Moss, Anubias Water Sprite and Vallisneria as examples of simple options for your tank.

Hygrophila makes another fantastic aquarium plant choice for betta fish tanks. This fast-growing, low to moderate light tolerance plant can tolerate low to moderate light conditions without becoming overgrown in small tanks; to prevent this happening regularly prune it and ensure it has a secure base to grow from.

Anubias makes for an eye-catching tropical touch in any betta tank, growing quickly on rocks or driftwood and its wide leaves can act as a hiding place for fish. Just make sure never to cover its rhizome as this could lead to it rotting away quickly!

Beginners looking for easy options when starting out should consider the pygmy chain sword plant, a fast-growing green plant with soft leaves designed to support betta fish resting. Easy care requirements make this choice perfect for smaller tanks.

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