March 23, 2024

Roseline Sharks

Roseline sharks make a beautiful addition to any well-planned community tank when housed correctly, providing vibrant color, activity, and curiosity in equal measures. When housed correctly they also remain peaceful when kept at an appropriate number and feeding is simple; making them the ideal companions for larger, peaceful cichlids such as those found in more typical settings as long as their space needs are fulfilled and water quality remains stable.

As their name implies, roseline sharks are torpedo-shaped fish with a base color of silver and various shades of yellow or gold tinges. Endemic to India and found throughout its subtropical climate with warm waters with neutral pH levels, roseline sharks can be found living among western Ghat mountains in subtropical regions with warm climate.

They prefer faster-flowing water than you might expect, although they can adapt to moderate currents. They can even thrive in shallow tanks with ample rock coverage and plants - though they will tend to settle at the bottom and show some sign of aggression when threatened by other fast-moving fish.

These fish get along well with most species of similar size; however, those much larger than themselves should be kept away as this could result in injury or devourment of smaller ones. They may spook smaller delicate ones by flickering their fins or eyes but this usually only becomes an issue under extreme stress conditions.

Roseline sharks in captivity tend to be relatively resistant to disease; however, they may suffer from ich, swim bladder disease and bloat, all requiring prompt medical treatment and correction of any underlying issues that an aquatic veterinarian will usually identify and correct.

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