March 11, 2024

The Chinese High-Fin Banded Shark

The Chinese High-fin Banded Shark is an exotic and unique addition to your aquarium, perfect for keeping cold conditions at bay. Hardy and adaptable to different water temperatures, they thrive best when kept with other members of their species in groups; though other docile freshwater fish such as goldfish, koi or Oscar may make good tank or pond companions; their algae eating habits make them great help in keeping aquariums and ponds clear!

These fish inhabit various river environments across China's Yangtze River Basin, such as its headwaters. Unfortunately, their wild population has seen a significant decrease due to collection for pet trade, overfishing and other invasive species, blockage of their migration route, collection for pet trade trade and blockage of their migration spawning routes - factors that has put this species on China's endangered species list and forced its protection by state law.

Before purchasing one of these unique fish in-store or online, it's important to bear in mind they grow large and can become challenging for most fish keepers to care for when adult. For optimal results, buy juveniles that measure only several inches. At this stage they have their most vivid colors with distinctive stripes; once adulthood sets in this pattern fades and they become darker than before.

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