April 7, 2024

The Coolest Fish to Own

Freshwater fish that boast vibrant hues tend to draw people's attention at pet stores and home aquariums alike, often making these the stars of their aquarium.

Dwarf gourami fish are easy to care for and add vibrant splashes of color to any aquarium setup. There is an impressive variety of colors available in dwarf gourami species; neon blue, powdered blue, flame red and honey colored varieties among others are popular choices. Their oval bodies feature large anal and dorsal fins as well as larfe-rounded tails covered with metallic and iridescent spangles that shimmer as they swim around.

Oscar cichlids are an ideal starter fish, as they're highly intelligent, can be trained to perform simple tricks, and even display emotions such as aggression or anxiety. For optimal care, 75 gallon tanks should contain multiple hiding places with plenty of peat moss as their substrate.

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