March 20, 2024

Types of Molly Fish

Mollies are among the most beloved aquarium fish, and with good reason. Not only are they entertaining to watch, they make excellent companions and their short lifespan allows you to spend lots of time learning while also spending quality time with them as a beginner. Furthermore, their care requirements are relatively straightforward as most varieties only require a large tank (often over 30 gallons) with plenty of rocks, plants and hiding spaces as well as food that's affordable but easy to prepare.

Molly fish provide an incredible diversity in terms of both morphology and natural habitat (ranging from inland mud swamps to coastal lagoons). Coloration is separate from finnage inheritance, giving you even more breeding options - you could breed one with nearly any fin shape you can think of! Additionally, Mollienesia contains two complexes ( sailfins and shortfins ), each comprising multiple races which further expand upon fin shape diversity.

Mollies are freshwater community fish that should be kept in tanks with other members of their species, most cichlids, and catfish species. For best results it is best not to keep them with fish with long flowing fins as these could be nibbled by Mollies. Furthermore, high concentrations of salt will prove too much for their kidneys; to help the Mollies flourish it's crucial that water in your tank remain at subtropical temperatures with an efficient heater installed for best results.

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