February 5, 2024

Will Bettas Eat Ghost Shrimp?

Ghost shrimp are small, transparent and colorless aquatic insects that make an excellent addition to any aquarium, helping with substrate sifting by sucking up invertebrates such as worms. But will betta fish eat them? Some aquarists have successfully kept both species together without issue - this doesn't happen by chance or accident; there are specific measures and techniques which can help ensure cohabitation of both species in one tank.

To keep ghost shrimp safe, it's essential that they have ample places for hiding such as rocks, driftwood, plants and ornaments - as well as even homemade caves - they need. Also watch them when they molt: when their shell sheds to grow new one this leaves them susceptible to osmotic shock; to reduce this risk it is wise not to change your tank water during this time; if necessary do it slowly with replacement water at the same temperature as existing tank water.

Be sure to feed your betta fish regularly and give them treats every now and then, such as mosquito larvae, live food, frozen foods or protein rich snacks like fish flakes - this will ensure they won't become overly hungry and end up going after ghost shrimps in their tank!

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Justin A