March 23, 2017

FU GLOBAL Wall Mounted Fish Bowl Aquarium Review

Not persuaded a full size mounted fish tank? If you desire a modern and minimal wall mounted aquarium which will for sure save desk area, yet still be large enough for one or two fish, the FU GLOBAL Wall Aquarium is a good choice to go with.

While this is not the most advanced option to go with, it is definitely worth it because of their versatility. These bubble fish tanks can be hung practically anywhere! You can beautify your Fish Bubble, wall mount fish bowl with any aquarium decorations and have bettas or any other "easy-to-maintain" fish in a fun, happy home on a wall! Use suction cups to mount your fish bubble on any mirror or window.

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One of the aspects that anyone could like regarding this wall mounted aquarium is that it's room saver. The entire bowl seems quite that of a fish bowl with a gap at its top, Its a one gallon tank, and it mounts cleanly on the wall. Its a good option to have a wall mounted aquarium while not taking over large amounts of area or needing a particularly robust wall. All you have to do to set it up is to mount this aquarium is screw the special screw into the wall and suspend up the fish bowl onto it, and let gravity do the rest.

Something else that we like regarding this aquarium is that it's extremely simple to wash. It’s basically a wall mounted gold fish bowl, which implies that you just have to clean it with just a sponge scrubber or an aquarium cleansing tool. Another factor that's positively useful regarding this specific wall mounted fish tank is that it's 100% made from top quality non-easy break acrylic, one thing that's actually stronger than glass. This fish home additionally comes with a cute plant and a rock decoration too.

Great for keeping colorful shrimp that act as a biological filter.

Benefits Of Fish Bubble hanging Fish Bowls:

Wall fish bowls are nice for little residences and rooms wherever a desktop fish bowl or Biorb fish tank would be too large due to limited counter or table area. You can easily keep a betta fish in your home or the workplace by hanging the fish bubble wall fish bowl.

The Fish Bubble wall mounted Fish Bowls add a trendy twist to the standard fish bowl. Youngsters like to watch fish so the fish bubble could be a nice gift for teens and kids as wall fish bowls are simple to keep up.


  • Small and lightweight.
  • Saves area.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Very straightforward to mount.
  • Extremely robust and sturdy.
  • Comes with some decorations.
  • Great for plants and little fish.

Additional info regarding ornament Fish Bowls:

They can also be used for hermit crabs, African Dwarf frogs, planting terrariums and housing of different little creatures that do not need extra heat or filtration. Purchase 2 or 3 fish bubbles and make popping wall patterns and nice interactive art in your home or workplace.

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