March 29, 2017

Local Aquarium Fish Clubs in Chicago Illinois

The following list contains the most up-date active aquarium fish hobby clubs in the midwest Chicagoland area.

Greater Chicago Cichlid Assocation - 9346 Washington Avenue, Brookfield, IL, 60513
Monthly meetings, publication, seakers, auctions, raffle, and more! Meet people like you interested in Angels, Discus, and African Cichlids in a fun and informative setting! Meets second Sunday of every month (3rd Sunday in May) at the Holiday Inn in Rolling Meadows, IL. Visit our web site at for more info.

Chicago Killifish Association - The Chicago Killifish Association welcomes you to our website. This website is an extension of our membership. The association has been established for over fifty years. It has provided a vehicle for individuals of all walks of life and age groups to interact with each other over the hobby of keeping tropical fish. It was and is especially organized for those intrested in keeping the egg-laying toothcarps known as Killifish.

Midwest Pond & Koi Society - MPKS is a not for profit, hobbyist organization whose members share a common interest in koi (Japanese colored carp), goldfish, water gardens and backyard ponds. Our members reside mostly in Chicago and surrounding counties as well as Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Missouri.

Chicago Livebearer Society - The Chicago Livebearer Society is dedicated to the advancement and/or dissemination of information related to all aspects of the biology of livebearing fish, their maintenance and breeding and captivity, and the conservation of habitats of livebearing fish.

Tri-County Tropical Fish Society - The Tri-County Tropical Fish Society (TCTFS) promotes the tropical fish hobby through education and active involvement. Every month we have an educational program on something related to tropical fish.

Passionate and knowledgeable aquartist. Aquariums have always fascinated me. I enjoy sharing and learning about the wonders of a fish tank.

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7 comments on “Local Aquarium Fish Clubs in Chicago Illinois”

  1. Are there any clubs in western burbs in which someone would be interested in having a 44 gallon corner unit aquarium with stand and everything included, biowheel filter system, Fish, plants, heater, cleaning vacuum, etc

  2. If anyone can help me unload this hobby that I no longer want to partake in please email me. My listing is above. My fish are a variety of rainbow fish and a huge Plecostamus.

  3. Help! My husband brought home a tank along with some fish from Craigslist. I have no idea how to clean this tank or care for these fish. Can anyone help me? I'm in nape r ville and desperate for help. I do not want these poor things to die.

  4. My Name is Michelle Autry I live in Bolingbrook I have 100 gallon custom tank from aquarium adventure my husband hobby for about a year before he passed away I was wondering if there anyone who would be interested in another tank It about 5 year old it been sitting but I was told it was good condition and 60 inches wide and about 52 inch including tank tall Depth I did measure the cover about 17 inches or so there light up there there are parts still in packages he ordered it got to be bigger hobby than what he could manage. If anyone interested if they could text me 630 915 0758 and we can go over anything else Thank you Michelle Autry

  5. I have 2 8 inch long goldfish that I don't want. Really want them to go to a good home so please email me if you are interested.