May 4, 2024

Royal Acara Cichlid: Your In-Depth Guide to Care, Habitat, and Breeding

A Comprehensive Guide to Aequidens Diadema

Touted as one of the most popular cichlids among aquarium hobbyists, the Aequidens Diadema, also known as the Royal Acara Cichlid, offers an intriguing blend of enticing qualities such as its vibrant colors, calm demeanor, and striking length of around 20 centimeters. Originally stemming from places like Rio Negro, Brazil, and Venezuela, the Royal Acara Cichlid now graces home aquariums worldwide. Let’s dive more into their habitat, care, and breeding process.

Creating the Ideal Aquarium for Aequidens Diadema

Setup Requirements

Creating an environment that mirrors their natural habitat is crucial for the Royal Acara Cichlid's overall health and wellbeing. This implies incorporating a tank of at least 1.80 meters in length. Indeed, these cichlids appreciate roomy spaces, tucked with various hiding options like driftwood, sturdy plants, and rocks. As for the substrate, sand or fine gravel makes an excellent choice.

Water Parameters

Maintaining a consistent water parameter plays a fundamental role in ensuring this species thrives. The temperature should fall between 23-28 Celsius, the pH between 7-7.5, and the GH between 8-12. These cichlids come from areas with slightly acidic and black water, particularly in moving streams with a high oxygen content.

Nutritional Needs of Aequidens Diadema

The Royal Acara Cichlid is an omnivorous species, necessitating a balanced diet inclusive of protein-rich live or frozen food. This well-rounded diet ensures proper health maintenance and a longer lifespan.

Behaviour and Compatibility

Known for their relatively calm and peaceful nature, Aequidens diadema can coexist beautifully with other peaceful fish species. They are territorial creatures and form territories, especially when spawning. Hence, they can be best kept as a pair. Ideal tank mates include medium-sized tetras from a similar habitat and water type, and corydoras catfish.

Breeding Process of Aequidens Diadema

Breeding the Royal Acara Cichlid can be a simple process with proper care and conditions. Eggs are laid on a flat stone, after which they are taken into the mouth of both parents for further hatching. Once hatched, the fry can be nourished with brine shrimp nauplii.

Acquiring Aequidens Diadema

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Other Aequidens Diadema Subspecies: 'Rio Nanay'

The Aequidens diadema 'Rio Nanay' is a subspecies from Peru. This cichlid, usually reaching a length of 4-6 inches, is a peaceful species suitable for medium to large semi-aggressive communities. The subadult cichlids of this variety, around 2.5-3 inches long, are in their early growth stages, so they offer yet to fully exhibit their golden and blue hues.

In Summary

Aequidens diadema, with its vibrant colors and peaceful nature, is a must-have for any aquarium hobbyist. By maintaining the required aquarium conditions, balanced diet, and compatible tank mates, you can ensure a healthy environment for these beautiful cichlids.

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