March 26, 2017

The Best Aquascaping Starter Toolkit

In this post, we’ll take a glance at the got-to have tools and a toolkit that comes with the fundamentals to upkeep your aquascape and what every tool contributes to your planted tank.

Having a planted fish tank could be a good way to display your aquarium inhabitants in a more natural setting. Nothing can beat that sensation of beginning a brand new aquascape. to get the best results, you’ll want some tools to make the task easier once you’re planting and doing maintenance.

The plants filter the water and collect some particulate matter as well as absorbing the CO2 discharged by your aquatic inhabitants. The fish waste also will aid to fertilize the plants once it breaks down.

While having tropical plants in your aquarium is nice for the inhabitant’s environment, there still has to be some maintenance to be done. this is often where the aquascaping tools can come to play.

The All-In-One Aquascaping Tools Kit
Finally, if you’re looking around, simply get the kit with all of them in one box. It’s cheaper, and they’re even as good compared to the rest.
Aquascaping kit contains most used tools to ease fish tank plant care.
Convenient case included for neat storage of aquascaping tools after use.
Setup and maintain your freshwater planted fish tank with precision and ease using our new, stainless steel aquascaping tools.

We currently carry the best (in my personal opinion) tool set that has the 4 most important tools in it, check it out: Aquarium Plant Tool Set

The 5-piece Aquascaping tool kit includes, 2 scissors, 2 tweezers, substrate spatula, and black zipper carrying or storing case.

Maintain your stainless steel aquascaping tools by rinsing and drying after each use. Tools are approximately 12 inches in length.

Straight Scissors - Ideal for precise, straight cuts
Curved Scissors - Gets into hard-to-reach places and mows down foreground plants
Substrate Spatula - produce smooth substrate slopes and terraces
Straight Tweezers - firmly grasp your things throughout maintenance and setup
Curved Tweezers - Plant your live aquatic plants with comfort and ease!

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